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  • Meet Bertie the Mushroom (hi!)

    Looking for a cute little buddy to add to your Easter basket? Meet Bertie the mushroom. Check out our collection of other Spring Jellycat plush toys including bunnies, succulents and other adorable friends.

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  • Introducing Prismatic Kitty

    Prismatic Kitty is a collection of suncatcher stickers that reflect stunning rainbows into the home when hit with direct light. They are the perfect kid & pet friendly home accessory. Prismatic Kitty is a women-owned company based in Halifax, NS.

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  • Stickers, Stickers, STICKERS!

    We've jumped on the sticker train, and we are thrilled to be offering a wide range of stickers perfect for personalizing laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and so much more!

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  • Seed Planting Pops!

    Celebrate your loved ones with a seed pop from Sow the Magic. All seeds are sustainably sourced by reputable seed stewards in the USA that are open pollinated and/or heirloom varieties. All seeds are Non-GMO and 100% organic.

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  • Here's how it works:

    1. Choose a piece from our curated collection of 14K gold & silver plated styles.

    2. Choose a customizable vellum sentiment card to suit the recipient and/or occasion.

    3. We’ll wrap it up in a beautiful, invitation-inspired package & finish it with a stunning handmade wax seal.

    4. Go out and give the gift of meaning!

  • More reasons to love KISK:

    • All pieces are handmade with love in the USA by wonderful, small-batch artists.

    • Packaging designed in partnership with PaperOcelot Studios: local SK stationer, illustrator & wax seal artist, & Mellary Bitner: local SK graphic design artist!

    • Packaging is sustainable & manufactured in Canada.

    • Wax seals are handmade in Canada

    • 5% of profits are donated to local food banks

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  • Scout Curated Wears

    Scout is a collection of modern, multi use jewelry and home decor with a bohemian flare. The collection is beautifully displayed and packaged to brighten your day or make the perfect gift. Scout as a company (founded and led by women) highly values promoting women and families and gives 10% of net profits to organizations that help support and promote women.

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  • Inspired Findings

    Inspired Findings is a collection of signs and decor created by Meryl out fo Calgary, AB. Meryl believes words have power and they can be great inspiration and motivation when seen daily, up on your wall, in your office or gifted to someone. Each piece is made by hand from completely raw materials.

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  • Milk Jar Candle Company

    Milk Jar is a women-owned, Calgary-based company committed to providing employment opportunities for the disability community. $1 - $2 from the sale of every Milk Jar product to support the needs of companies and employees to be inclusive spaces and successful employees.

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  • Knotty Design Co.

    Knotty Design Co is a Saskatchewan, women-owned small company ran by Brittany based in Moose Jaw, SK. Brittany creates a variety of goods including signs, wall decor, and plant markers.

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