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Lisa Angel

Earrings - Silver Cloisonné Hoops - Blue Flowers

Earrings - Silver Cloisonné Hoops - Blue Flowers

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Elevate your spring wardrobe with these stunning silver cloisonné hoops.

Made of polished sterling silver plated brass, these chunky earrings feature raised silver outlines of floral and botanical details. Each pattern is infilled with a unique purple, blue, or navy shade. With the same design on each side of the hoop, the base features a plain hinged detail for easily taking on and off. Cloisonné is an ancient technique of using metal strips or wire to separate materials on surfaces including vases and jewellery. This stunning method produces the most beautiful effect, which we have drawn inspiration from for these gorgeous hoops.

Perfect for wearing with other silver or colourful pieces, these earrings are lightweight and great for all-day wear. Why not pair these hoops with other silver studs or hoops for a fun, curated ear this springtime?

  • Size: width 2.2cm x height 2cm x depth 0.5cm
  • Material: sterling silver plated brass, enamel
  • Lisa Angel
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