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Prismatic Kitty

Suncatcher - Window Cling - Jellyfish

Suncatcher - Window Cling - Jellyfish

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Place this suncatcher decal in your brightest window and see a subtle rainbow aura shine into your home! The metallic copper colour goes perfectly with any decor - from boho to classic. It's neutral enough to match anything, but beautiful enough to stand out.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Suncatcher by Prismatic Kitty
  • Made in Halifax, Nova Scotia

How to Apply:

  1.  Remove backing film
  2.  Clean window of any dust or debris
  3.  Spray water onto window and stick!
  4.  Option: Gently remove any excess water by pressing the suncatcher down with a towel

They are safe for rentals and are easy to move around as the sun's direction changes. Place them on east-facing windows for morning rainbows, west-facing for afternoon and evening rainbows, or south-facing windows for rainbows all day!

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