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Spice Cannister - Mulling Spices - 95g

Spice Cannister - Mulling Spices - 95g

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Our very first recipe developed 40 years ago. Our Mulling Spices are a blend of cloves, allspice, cracked cinnamon sticks along with pieces of dried Orange peel, natural, whole spices for a less cloudy drink. This recipe is perfect with heated Red Wine, Apple Cider or Cranberry Cider.

  • Size: 95g
  • Makes 9 Liters. 95 g (3.35 oz)
  • Storage should be in cool (< 21 C or 70 F), dry (< 60% r.h.) area to provide a maximum shelf life without appreciable loss of flavor or functional characteristics.

  • Gourmet Du Village

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