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Book - Disappointing Affirmations

Book - Disappointing Affirmations

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USA Today Bestseller

From the wildly popular Instagram account, Disappointing Affirmations hilariously counters the culture of relentless toxic positivity with a realistic take on a disappointing world where failure is always an option, but that's okay.

Pairing lovely vacation photos taken by the author himself with sayings that are amusingly self-critical, encouraging, disillusioned, or all three at once, Tarnowski points to feelings commonly unacknowledged or hidden and spotlights them with humor, wit, and empathy. You can do it! But you probably won't. But also: Be kind to yourself, asshole. Transforming and re-envisioning the material for print while adding tons of new work, this is the funny-because-it's-true, sneaky self-help gift book for anyone who isn't happy all the time and doesn't feel seen in the whole positive mental attitude" culture. Unfollow your dreams!

IT REALLY IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY: People say, "It's okay to not be okay," but then it feels like they need you to be okay. This subversively funny book is the perfect way to remind ourselves, or anyone who needs it, that it's better to deal with our feelings honestly than fall into the "positive vibes only" self-help trap.

COMEDY FOR A NEW ERA: Wellness has been slowly taking a darker turn in popular culture, and comedy is no exception. From Inside by Bo Burnham to the absurdity of TV giant Succession, audiences are drawn to media that embraces discomfort rather than drowning it out. Disappointing Affirmations may not look very comforting, but not all self-care comes in the form of warm hugs and sunrise yoga.

Perfect for:- College grads, people entering the workforce, people who wish they hadn't entered the workforce - Fans of the @disappointingaffirmations Instagram account - Anyone who isn't always cheerful and doesn't feel seen - Fans of satire and sarcastic humor - Anyone feeling burnout, empathy fatigue, positivity fatigue, or fatigue in general "

Contributor Bio

Dave Tarnowski is the author of about a dozen unfinished novels who turned to memes when he finally gave up on his dreams of being a writer of anything longer than a few sentences. He lives in New York City with his neuroses. Follow him on Instagram at @disappointingaffirmations.

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