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Stuffy - Palm Pals - Magna Grad Star

Stuffy - Palm Pals - Magna Grad Star

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Join the Palm Pals™ Party - Adorable Palm-Sized Plush Characters. Explore each Palm Pal's unique personality and collect them all!

My Personality: Motivated

Party Theme: Seasonal | My ID Number: 1-204

This educated little star is aiming beyond the stars in this galaxy! On the grind to be extrastellar, Magna has goals and ambitions to be a role model for others looking for their spark. After graduating, you'll see Magna go for greatness and pursue his goals with friends just as oriented.

Magna Graduation Star is a bright, cheerful plush in the shape of a star with a warm yellow tone and a classic black graduation cap with a gold tassel on top.

I am always aiming to be at the top of my class and my motivation knows no bounds, whether I'm tackling a challenging project or setting new goals to conquer.

How I was made:

  • I am 5 inches in size.
  • I'm made from high quality materials for a soft, fluffy touch.
  • I hold bean pellets suitable for all ages to ensure my quality and stability.

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