Luumi - Silicone Sipping Lid - Red

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The Sipping Lid works just like a disposable drinking lid, minus the disposable part. Place it over your mug or glass, and enjoy whatever liquid you’ve placed inside. Wash and reuse as needed.

Fits on mason jars, mugs and a whole lot more. It has 3 little gills that open up when you suck on them, then flatten back down to make a spill saver. It's for the table and your hand to replace disposable cups and lids, but this is not for your backpack, because it needs to stay upright to be totally sealed. BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalate and plastic free.

Silicone is made from sand, not plastic. And Luumi products are made with 100% platinum silicone – the cleanest form there is. Your body will thank you. The planet will thank you.