Twisted Goods Kia Rae Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Sunstone Made in Saskatoon

Kia Rae – Diffuser Bracelet – Sunstone

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Take your favourite essential oils with you on the go with one of our essential oil diffuser bracelets! 

Gemstones {10mm & 8mm}: Faceted shiny & smooth matte sunstone with lava rock and a crystal paved spacer & bead.

To use: place 2-3 drops of essential oil on the lava beads. Scent will last 1-3 days {depending on concentration}. Replenish as needed.  

**Note: please apply essential oils to the lava rocks and allow to absorb before wearing- this prevents any staining of the wrist or clothing.  Bracelets are sold in individual strands. 

Made locally in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.