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Game - Cat Rescue

Game - Cat Rescue

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Work together to rescue cats in this easy-to-learn cooperative card game full of head-scratching puzzles and clawsome fun! Players move cat cards from the street or foster homes into the shelter, and then line up a series of matching cats to get them ready for adoption. Can you clear the shelter and find loving homes for all your feline friends?

• 1-5 players
• Ages 8+
• Easy to learn; easy to play
• Fast 15-20-minute game time
• Great for both kids and adults; a wholesome and addictive choice for a fun game night!
• Perfect for fans of tile or sliding games like Tetris or Candy Crush, or fast-playing card games like Sushi Go!
• Contents: 33 Stray Cat cards, 1 Delivery token, fabric Shelter board, 5 Power Markers, instructions

Game design by Ta-Te Wu: Ta-Te Wu was born in Taiwan and grew up in Los Angeles. He loves playing, designing, and publishing board games, and that's what he wants to do every day. Since 2005, he has published over 10 games, and three of them were funded on Kickstarter.

Art by Kaiami: Kaiami is an illustrator and designer who grew up in California and studied fashion in college. She has always loved creating characters, and has dreams of making people smile with her art and characters.
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