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Maison Berger Paris

Car Diffuser Kit - Alpha - Under The Olive Tree

Car Diffuser Kit - Alpha - Under The Olive Tree

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Only available in store and for local delivery within Calgary, Saskatoon, Edmonton & Regina. Stock availability may vary.

This stylish car diffuser will imbue the air with a mysterious woody aroma while adding a touch of glamor to your car interior!

The retro look of this Alpha Under the Olive Tree Car Diffuser embodies bold creativity. The even, vertical lines evoking Greek columns add an original touch to the design. Rounded angles bring soft movement to the linear pattern. With a fragrance intensity of 2 out of 5, this woody and subtly leathery fragrance is warm and enigmatic. Fill your car interior with a fragrance that perfectly balances the aromas of Oudh, olive wood, and patchouli. Treat yourself to a luxurious accent that elevates your driving experience with a radiant shine and a fragrance that evokes the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean.

  • Ceramic refill diffusion time is approximately 4–6 weeks.
  • Under the Olive Tree fragrance disk included.
  • Clip the diffuser to your vehicle's air vent.
  • Simply turn on your air conditioning for more intense fragrance.
  • Maison Berger Paris
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