Bath Tea - Seaweed - 8oz

Bath Tea - Seaweed - 8oz

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We are drawn to the sea. So, can we not say that the sea must be drawn to us? Not only is your blood mostly water, but that portion of your blood has a concentration of salt that is remarkable similar to seawater. 

Our seaweed bath tea is packed with six types of seaweed that has been chosen to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, detox your skin, and promote collagen growth.

How To Use: 

Draw a hot bath and fill the reusable muslin bag with the botanical mix. Drop it into the bath and enjoy! You can always add the mix directly to your bath, just be prepared to clean up a bit of a mess.

Ingredients: jasmine, hibiscus, wakame, rosemary, rose petals, peppermint, sea salts 

Size: 220 grams

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